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How to save money

w to save money - Nowadays frugality is one of the tips set of household and personal finances in order to keep the surplus . Price increases in fuel prices , especially these days can be a powerful reason for you to save money , to help your business improve financial conditions .
how to save your money
Wasteful habit itself is a lifestyle that is quite difficult to remove . But if you want to try to have a significant impact on your financial condition . Here are tips and tricks on how to save money and set your budget in order to use more useful .
Tips to save moneyDo not buy goods at new placeMake sure you have a friend or relative where you buy the goods . That way you can get special discounted rates are not obtained by others. That way you will save even more.
Needless to celebrate the birthday of another personSaying birthday at a friend or a girlfriend , just through social networks like Facebook or Twitter . That way , you do not need to shell out a lot of money , and keep the attention of your friends and girlfriend .
Do not let your friends play homeYour residence not a hotel where visitors must pay rent rooms and breakfast . If your friends come from out of town , and intend to live in your home temporarily , immediately offer cheap lodging elsewhere . You also do not need to bother to get up early to prepare breakfast .
Ride free internet accessAt some point, you will need internet access . Do not install your own internet at home . Try to find places that provide free internet access as a restaurant . Sit around and enjoy the free internet access .
In addition , you can also get free internet access from your neighbors who do not lock access wi - fi ` ` his . Relax, this is not stealing . In the 21st century , it is the same as asking for a cup of sugar .
Eating at homeIf you frequently order food over the phone or eating out , stop this practice . Cook at home and you can specify the menu itself . Bonus when you do not eat out, you do not need to give tips to waiters . It is extra money for you .
quit smokingYou can save even more if you stop smoking . Not to mention , the time you normally spend on smoking can be used to make money . If you actually smoke , approach your friends who were smoking , and ask one or two cigarettes from him .
Do not carry too much cashOften the amount of money you bring more than you need to store or wherever . If so , you will find it difficult to refrain when you see another interesting product . Bring enough cash when you are out of the house . Prepare ATM card just in case
Donate your time , not moneyDo not be a philanthropist if you are still having trouble finding the money themselves . Let Bill Gates are doing . Yet you can still donate your time to do useful things for others . Remember , time is money too .
So the homeThe best way to save money is to stay home . You do not need cermas as pictured item you want to buy . A lot of fun things you can do at home such as watching TV and cheap breakfast . In six months , you can save some money .
If you are a man , oftentimes play to your girlfriend's houseDo not let your bag should be drained because the streets with your girlfriend . Imagine how extravagant you are , have to buy a movie ticket and a meal . Play to his home will make you more efficient . In addition , you can also free to eat and drink there

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