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Ways to Manage Finance

Family financial management is not easy , even this is often a source of contention between husband and wife . Understandably , as it is said Karyanto Reza , Assistant Vice President Head of Investment , Bancassurance , and Treasury Products Commonwealth Bank Indonesia , money is something that is sensitive , especially when associated with domestic life .
" The issue of dollars is usually originated from the habit of managing differences continued to feel each other properly and end up fighting , " he said in a release received by Business , Wednesday ( 16/10 ) . So that this does not happen , he discussed one by one the tips to build a foundation HOUSE . Here's the explanation :
R = Account Household Needs
Joint accounts or separate ? It is often discussed new partner , especially if each one had their own income . Whatever the choice , the important thing is the openness and joint planning . It is associated with higher expenditures , such as children to school , and others .
According to the survey , many couples feel combine accounts or joint accounts is an easier solution . If income into one , we will be easier to monitor income and expenditure .
U = Debt
Sources tempest is the next household debt . Each individual would have a different opinion about the amount of debt . It would be nice before marriage discuss these issues beforehand , because the debt we owe the pair will be too later .
Consider the separation of property agreement . Do not think badly of this agreement is useful to protect our assets from debt partner . Precaution is necessary especially if the spouse or we owe to the loan sharks that use violence to collect .
M = Monitor
Running a household is like to regulate companies . We need to monitor , create success and achievement standards in order to avoid suspicion . Let us not accuse couple wasteful because often runs out of money monthly .
Get used to sit together to decide the allocation of money . Prioritizing to prepare primary needs such as rent , mortgage , the cost of food, electricity , telephone , water , health , schools , and transportation . Continue with personal needs , clothing , salon , recreation , tourism , and the purchase of luxury goods . Make a list of his and her then negotiated amount.
A = Budget Emergency Fund
Have an emergency fund of 3-6 months and put a number on deposits or savings that have high liquidity alias can be taken at any time . Do not be taken for personal expenses for this fund who would save us from a variety of disasters such as layoff , illness , or other financial household that does not shake .
H = Must Invest Regularly
If the primary needs are fulfilled , the debt is settled , and emergency funding is met , let's think about investing . Set aside from the initial receiving income and choose the right investment instruments . Mutual funds can be an option because it can be started from the very affordable amount of Rp 100 thousand . Get used to having an investment plan for each financial goals eg retirement , children's education , and so on

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