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How to save money

w to save money - Nowadays frugality is one of the tips set of household and personal finances in order to keep the surplus . Price increases in fuel prices , especially these days can be a powerful reason for you to save money , to help your business improve financial conditions .
how to save your money
Wasteful habit itself is a lifestyle that is quite difficult to remove . But if you want to try to have a significant impact on your financial condition . Here are tips and tricks on how to save money and set your budget in order to use more useful .
Tips to save moneyDo not buy goods at new placeMake sure you have a friend or relative where you buy the goods . That way you can get special discounted rates are not obtained by others. That way you will save even more.
Needless to celebrate the birthday of another personSaying birthday at a friend or a girlfriend , just through social networks like Facebook or Twitter . That way , you do not need to shell out a lot of money , and keep the attention of your friends and girlfriend .
Do not let your friends play homeYour residence not a hotel where visitors must pay rent rooms and breakfast . If your friends come from out of town , and intend to live in your home temporarily , immediately offer cheap lodging elsewhere . You also do not need to bother to get up early to prepare breakfast .
Ride free internet accessAt some point, you will need internet access . Do not install your own internet at home . Try to find places that provide free internet access as a restaurant . Sit around and enjoy the free internet access .
In addition , you can also get free internet access from your neighbors who do not lock access wi - fi ` ` his . Relax, this is not stealing . In the 21st century , it is the same as asking for a cup of sugar .
Eating at homeIf you frequently order food over the phone or eating out , stop this practice . Cook at home and you can specify the menu itself . Bonus when you do not eat out, you do not need to give tips to waiters . It is extra money for you .
quit smokingYou can save even more if you stop smoking . Not to mention , the time you normally spend on smoking can be used to make money . If you actually smoke , approach your friends who were smoking , and ask one or two cigarettes from him .
Do not carry too much cashOften the amount of money you bring more than you need to store or wherever . If so , you will find it difficult to refrain when you see another interesting product . Bring enough cash when you are out of the house . Prepare ATM card just in case
Donate your time , not moneyDo not be a philanthropist if you are still having trouble finding the money themselves . Let Bill Gates are doing . Yet you can still donate your time to do useful things for others . Remember , time is money too .
So the homeThe best way to save money is to stay home . You do not need cermas as pictured item you want to buy . A lot of fun things you can do at home such as watching TV and cheap breakfast . In six months , you can save some money .
If you are a man , oftentimes play to your girlfriend's houseDo not let your bag should be drained because the streets with your girlfriend . Imagine how extravagant you are , have to buy a movie ticket and a meal . Play to his home will make you more efficient . In addition , you can also free to eat and drink there

Ways to Manage Finance

Family financial management is not easy , even this is often a source of contention between husband and wife . Understandably , as it is said Karyanto Reza , Assistant Vice President Head of Investment , Bancassurance , and Treasury Products Commonwealth Bank Indonesia , money is something that is sensitive , especially when associated with domestic life .
" The issue of dollars is usually originated from the habit of managing differences continued to feel each other properly and end up fighting , " he said in a release received by Business , Wednesday ( 16/10 ) . So that this does not happen , he discussed one by one the tips to build a foundation HOUSE . Here's the explanation :
R = Account Household Needs
Joint accounts or separate ? It is often discussed new partner , especially if each one had their own income . Whatever the choice , the important thing is the openness and joint planning . It is associated with higher expenditures , such as children to school , and others .
According to the survey , many couples feel combine accounts or joint accounts is an easier solution . If income into one , we will be easier to monitor income and expenditure .
U = Debt
Sources tempest is the next household debt . Each individual would have a different opinion about the amount of debt . It would be nice before marriage discuss these issues beforehand , because the debt we owe the pair will be too later .
Consider the separation of property agreement . Do not think badly of this agreement is useful to protect our assets from debt partner . Precaution is necessary especially if the spouse or we owe to the loan sharks that use violence to collect .
M = Monitor
Running a household is like to regulate companies . We need to monitor , create success and achievement standards in order to avoid suspicion . Let us not accuse couple wasteful because often runs out of money monthly .
Get used to sit together to decide the allocation of money . Prioritizing to prepare primary needs such as rent , mortgage , the cost of food, electricity , telephone , water , health , schools , and transportation . Continue with personal needs , clothing , salon , recreation , tourism , and the purchase of luxury goods . Make a list of his and her then negotiated amount.
A = Budget Emergency Fund
Have an emergency fund of 3-6 months and put a number on deposits or savings that have high liquidity alias can be taken at any time . Do not be taken for personal expenses for this fund who would save us from a variety of disasters such as layoff , illness , or other financial household that does not shake .
H = Must Invest Regularly
If the primary needs are fulfilled , the debt is settled , and emergency funding is met , let's think about investing . Set aside from the initial receiving income and choose the right investment instruments . Mutual funds can be an option because it can be started from the very affordable amount of Rp 100 thousand . Get used to having an investment plan for each financial goals eg retirement , children's education , and so on

Family Financial Planning Tips

How - even income seems less scar continues yes . It looks like you have to start preparing proper financial planning to avoid the financial problems of this kind90201643 Shutterstock Family Financial Planning Tips
Tips on financial planning for a new family
Most new parents experience errors in their family financial planning financial planning so as uncontrollable . After every payday , the money has run out while the moon is still running for a few more weeks ahead . Most families rely on the shoulders of the financial life of the husband , while the wife's job to manage the family planning so that no matter how well the husband's income to provide for the family .
But with household tasks that have been piling up , making the Mother 's do not have time to put it aside just doing financial planning . Here are some tips that we can describe to facilitate family financial planning Mother set easily and precisely .Do not spend money for purposes which are not beneficial
Women synonymous with ' shopping' . If it 's busy shopping womenfolk could forget the time without thinking about how much it costs and money that has been squandered . If you need to shop , as much as possible record purposes you need at home . Let the little ones milk , spices , diapers , laundry soap , toothpaste , and so on . Surely you 're not in need of new clothes , new shoes , or a new perfume , right? Wear the existing first home

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