Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012


There are three ways to get money:
1. To work. You can earn money by working, well it's working on others, or open their own business. By working on others, then the money you get is usually in the form of salary. By opening their own business, then the money you can usually larger than if you work on others.

2. Inheritance / gift / gift. The next way to get money is to inherit it from someone, such as from a parent or spouse. In addition, you can also get money from others in the form of gifts or favors.

3. Investments do. The third way to get money is to invest money that you already have at this time. When you make an investment with a deposit, then you will get the money in the form of deposit rates. If you buy a stock at a certain price and sell it back with a higher price, then you will get money from the difference between selling price and purchase price.

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