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Basics of Family Financial Management Professional (1)

There are two main concepts of family financial management that must be known by the family that is on the Balance Sheet and Profit / Loss and Cashflow Management / Cash Flow. For more details, I will discuss as follows.
Understanding Majamen Cashflow
Cash flow or cash flow is the flow of money that flows from us to get the money, keep it, develop it, and remove it by regularly, wisdom and discipline.
Knowledge of cash flow must be noted that our family finances would not be chaotic and monitored. There is an interesting phrase "do not care about your finances is a deficit, which is important you know where the flow of money." Let's discuss the cash flow diagram as follows:
Revenue (income) is an activity that aims to put money / possessions. Usually the revenue can be obtained from the two activities, namely salaries and Investment.
Salaries obtained from our status as an employee / employees / professionals / consultants. In a family wage can be obtained by a husband and wife working.
Investment results obtained from our activities in developing the money / wealth in various ways. There are several ways you can do to invest the deposits, Property, Stocks, Business Results, Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc..
Well, all our income is usually stored in the form of cash or in bank / ATM.
Expenditures means all activities that result in reduced our money. From the diagram we can see the need for spending a lot of our family. So if not set properly then would make the family finances into chaos when it is chronic and can lead to the brink of bankruptcy.
In general, a family has some expenses such as Household Spending, Debt repayments, insurance premiums, Domestic Help, Children's Needs, Transportation, Zakat / Taxation, Entertainment / Recreation, Social Events, Fashion, and so on.
When we look over this, common mistakes made by most families are just struggling on income derived from salary continually drained to cover expenses. angat few of our families who began investing activities as a source of family income. And if we diligently invest, then the result of that investment has actually been able to cover all kinds of our expenses, even far greater than the salary that we receive during this.
The above description is an ideal condition that should be achieved by each family. If your family is still entirely dependent on the flow of income from salaries each month, then it's time for a little money aside so you can create a new revenue stream derived from the investment.

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