Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012


1. Have a little memo to record what is needed and record what you buy.
Like magic, this is actually quite powerful way to prevent useless and a waste of money.
Accustomed notes will also help you become more accurate and certainly more frugal when shopping.

2. Do not like shopping suddenly.
More and more time to spend, the more you Save. You can compare prices, before finally taking a decision.
This law applies more to the moment of certain moments, such as the preparation of celebrating holidays, birthdays and so forth.

3. Take advantage of promos and discount programs are administered in an optimal shopping center.
You can find lots of attractive offers, both of which informed the mass media or via flyers door entrance to the shopping center.
If you're clever, you can save or earn the most with the funds you have.

4. Cash is king.
If it has not become a conglomerate with an abundance of money in deposits, better bring
in wallet cash to spend, compared to using credit cards.

5. Use credit cards wisely and optimally as possible.
Credit cards can help you manage your finances, because you can shop now and pay later.
Moreover, it is not uncommon credit card program offers attractive promos and discounts.
Make the wise as possible as needed. However, be careful, to not assume that the funds contained in a credit card as a 'fund-more', because ultimately you are also paying the bill.

6. Be a true bidder.
Do not be shy to haggle. If it's lazy, Shop with a friend who is good bargain.
That way you can save some money, although not very big number, but the money could be allocated for other purposes.

7. Do not forget to bring your shopping list.
And get used to not purchase anything that is not in the list.

8. Do not go shopping hungry.
It will make you so wasteful to buy food that cost can be relatively more expensive.
If you can eat at home before you go, it would be much better, except if it has the intention of eating out.

9. Do not shop in a state of confusion, sadness or other problems.
Especially in women, shopping in such circumstances would make you 'hungry eyes' and end up buying something completely unnecessary.

10. Shop alone.
Bring your spouse or children when shopping will make you tempted to buy something for them.
Just leave them at home.

11. Do not immediately discard the evidence of payment.
You can reread it to be material evidence and reflection calculations.
And who knows you buy faulty goods, then you can return it with the evidence.

12. Do not be ashamed to look for specific items in thrift stores or garage sales.
If they are good you can choose to save some money for goods that are still good quality.

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