Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Simple Ways Manage Small Business Financial

Maybe you already know and understand how to manage your own finance company. Many ways and techniques, you can get it in guide books or directly ask the people who are competent.
Here I am, as a beginner just wanted to share just based on what I experienced. So, for those who have experienced and please correct guidance.
There is a kind of view, that it's easier to arrange financing for businesses that have been set up business finances smoothly than the drag. According to them if lonely business, financial manage what is going on? How do I?
Here is our challenge, how do we make the effort to develop smoothly and manage finances as possible. What can? based on what I experienced, Hopefully it can. Your efforts will gradually progress. Of course you also have to heavily promoting and improving the quality of service.
Then what should be done in this small business finances? Here are some
the point:
1. Salaries yourself
If you are the owner and worker in your own business, wage / salary yourself. The amount is 10% of turnover. If you have employees then your total salary + employees 10% of turnover.
2. Set aside 1% of raw material products every day
for example you open food stalls, set aside a little rice, cooking oil, kerosene, etc.. Collect up to a certain amount. Then they will buy your own materials at market prices.
3. For net income into 3 parts:
a. 1 / 3 to raise capital
b. 1 / 3 savings to maintain if there are expenses (company) suddenly
c. 1 / 3 save for a period of one year, take part to develop your business.
4. Never use your small business money
To use the personal interests of your salary. If your salary is less then you should seek additional outside instead of taking corporate money.
5. Discipline!
Remember your efforts so far will fail miserably if you do not uphold the principle of discipline.
In addition, although Rp.500
alms every day. By getting charity care to be roomy, the mind becomes clear. As a result, you get more leverage to manage your small business to get bigger!
Warm Regards, Success belongs to everyone you too!

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