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4 Mistakes in Setting Financial

Everyone must have experienced financial problems. Whether it's because something is your own fault (such as too much use of credit cards for shopping), or due to conditions that sudden and urgent nature. For example, you suffer from a disease treatment costs actually deplete your savings.

But in general, each person may experience financial problems due to errors in management. Even so, it's never too late anyway, if you want to fix it. Here are basic things that cause the occurrence of errors in managing finances:

1. Feeling not have time to manage it
Many of us who often complain about not having time. But from 24 hours a day do you have, did you really do not have the time? Of course, you actually have the time: you just do not give priority to schedule financial management. When coming home from your office already feel so tired, try to schedule a money management is on Saturday morning. From paying the bills, noting the various expenses for a week, or learn the investment programs offered by the bank. Always remember, the more you delay this work, the harder you make a habit of keeping your finances.
2. Not doing financial planning
Said the financial plan, or a checkbook, often make people quit. So important yes, record every dime you spend, or restrict any expenses even though it was only bought coffee and a donut? Maybe it does not need sejelimet. But there is a more practical way to track where your money goes. One of them, using an envelope for a week or a month, like when you get a weekly allowance from your parents.

"The way it's still worth it to find out how much you spend in a week or a month, and this could be applied to the whole family, from you, your husband, children," said Peter Sander, author of The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Living on a Budget.

It's up to how you use the money, whether to buy credits, lunch at the office or outside the office, or just for transportation. Then, prepare well for snacks on the outer envelope of these requirements, such as buying coffee, snacks, magazines, or whatever. Condition, limit your spending as much money contained in the envelope. Do not add money into the envelope, as if the envelope is a phone that pulse to be recharged.

3. -Too much or too little-debt
Who says the debt is always a negative result? Debt will not destroy your life if you can use it for your next life. With debt, you can go back to school, which then can buy your rented apartment (so that you can use the lease payments to pay the mortgage), and even can provide venture capital for you. Fear of debt can sometimes make you lose the opportunity, but too much debt, especially if the debt exceeds your ability to pay the mortgage, could lead to chaos in your financial condition.

4. Depending on the insurance
You realize that the current Indonesian people have started to "insurance minded". Glad you had bought a life insurance product since 10 years ago, which still must you pay premiums for 20 years. You do not want to buy an insurance product or other investment, because it feels your responsibility to provide a form of security to your life has been done. Unfortunately, you forgot to take into consideration, inflation may cause the payment of insurance benefits next 20 years might not be too large value. Especially if you choose insurance products to the value of the lowest premiums.

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