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Definition MK / Financial Management / Expenditure:
• Management which relates the acquisition (acquitition), financing / expenditure (financing) and asset management with the overall objectives of a company.
• The entire activity is concerned with efforts to obtain funds and use / allocate the funds referred to in the epidermis of broad corporate spending (business finance) or financial management (financial management).
• Spending in the narrow sense (passive spending / funding / financing) is an activity that is only concerned with getting venture funding
The role of MK in the company (career opportunities in MK):
• Responsible for three kinds of basic financial management decisions (acquisition (acquitition), financing / expenditure (financing) and the efficient management of assets)
• Increase economic growth so that the welfare of the community increased.
• Facing the challenges of managing assets efficiently in the changes occurring in the environment:
o The competition among companies,
o The world economy is uncertain,
o changes in technology
o inflation and interest rates fluctuate
• Investment Decision (investment decision):
The most important decisions in the three decisions of the Constitutional Court. This decision involves the determination of the real assets, kind / type of assets needed for the company,
This decision is very influential on
magnitude investment earnings (return on investment) and the company's cash flow for the times will come.
• Funding Decision (Decision IFinancing):
Decisions related to how to get the funds to be used to acquire the necessary real assets.
• Asset Management Decisions (Assets Management Decision)
Decisions relating to the management / use assets efficiently (usually more concerned with management of current assets (cash, receivables and supplies)
Destination MK (adjusted to the target / destination company):
The development goals / objectives of the company:
• Traditional purpose àmemaksimumkan earnings (morbidly relevant anymore)
by reason of maximizing profit means morbidly consider the time value of money, risk and future returns are not considered, dividend policy is not considered
• maximize shareholder wealth by maximizing stock market prices. who is more precise objectives à / relevant.
by reason of market prices reflect the market evaluation of the achievements of the company's current and future yad, considering when the return is received, the period of occurrence, the risk of return and dividend policy.
MK functions:
• The use of funds (Allocation of funds)
o The decision of investment / capital budgeting
o Expenditure on
o How to use the funds efficiently
o The allocation to the AL & AT (real assets)
• Function to get funding (decision Raising / obtaining of funds)
o Decision expenditures / Finance Decision
o Spending passive
o How to obtain funding in the most efficient (cheaper)
o Reflected in balance sheet liabilities side

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