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Have considerable control over the money you have is arguably one of the things that can make you happy. There are some specific habits that you can try to make money under your control. With these differences, you will feel happier. Find out how.

1. Managing finances
You do not need to hire a professional financial planner. You only need to apply some of the savings program that you understand so you can do it quickly and without hassle. That is the key. People who are sufficiently organized and can get what they need quickly are generally happier than those who do not.

2. Do not pay all the bills together
Imagine if you have two credit card bills, PLN, PAM, phone, and insurance, at the same time. Seeing a large amount of money missing from your account balance at the bank is not a pleasant experience. If each of these bills have different maturities, so why not pay the bill immediately accepted? You will feel immediately relieved of duty, and terpakainya money to pay the debt was not so pronounced.

3. Saving five percent
There is a strong relationship between saving and happiness. If you can save as much as five percent of it, you will surely feel happy. This amount is not great, really. If your salary of Rp 5 million, then five percent means only $ 250,000. Save a little money, if done regularly every month, at the end of the year you can already use it for a plane ticket to vacation together. Starting from five per cent, once accustomed to setting aside money you can save ten percent.

4. Set and execute your goals
Achieving happiness is not the problem has reached the goal, but rather a matter of making progress. Although to achieve this goal you often experience disappointment, you have to keep moving forward. The point is to motivate themselves. You only need to see the results you will achieve to move forward.

5. Donate some of your money
There is no other way to improve your own financial happiness in addition to making other people's lives a little better. Many ways you can do, from venture capital to give domestic workers who want to be independent, or contribute to environmental conservation projects. The people who give a little money will not only feel happy, but will also be healthier. People who know how to give also to remind ourselves that wanting more does not mean spoiling the fun. Your happiness depends not on how much you have, but on how you handle it.

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