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Definition / Definition of Financial Management, Duty Manager Finance and Corporate Objectives

A. Understanding Financial Management

Financial management is an activity of planning, budgeting, inspection, management, control, retrieval and storage of funds owned by an organization or company.
Brief Description of Each Function Financial Management:
1. Financial Planning
Make a plan and
expenditure income and other activities for a certain period.
2. Financial budgeting
Follow-up of financial planning by making detailed expenses and income.
3. Financial Management
Using company funds to maximize the funds available with a variety of ways.
4. Search Finance
Finding and exploiting existing funding sources for operational activities of the company.
5. storage Finance
Companies to raise funds and save money safely.
6. Financial control
Evaluation and improvement of financial and financial system in
7. audit
Conduct internal audits of the financial companies that exist to prevent irregularities.

B. Duty
Financial Management

Basic tasks are performed by a financial manager in general are:
1. Getting Funds Company
2. Using Company Funds
3. Dividing Profit / Profit Company
C. Objectives of Financial Management
The goal with the finance manager for to manage company funds on a company in general is to maximize firm value. Thus if one day the company is sold then the price can be set as high as possible.

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