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7 Personality In Managing Financial

Every person has the money archetype (culture in the face of finance) are different. The difference this archetype make one's way of looking into different currencies. Including how one treats the money. Type archetype not show your personality, but rather in directing the place where you are.

That is, how the character and habits of financial management can be recognized from here. By recognizing this character, as individuals you can avoid the financial leakage. Another positive impact is more felt on the couple. You and your partner can recognize each other better and be able to find financial solutions that balance the relationship. Here are 7 Personality In Managing Finance, namely:

1. Innocent
Someone who has this type tend to have fear, not confidence, and do not want to think about financial problems. People of this type have a high sense of fear when faced with matters related to finance. He felt no power and the ability to regulate every thing else about the money. The impact, if someone is getting huge amounts of money, will easily run out. Because people have a habit of this type tend to be irresponsible with money.

2. Victim
Most people who have this type tend to blame others when experiencing a problem. They will be fearful if the problems encountered will be turned upon themselves. Therefore, to save themselves, they will blame others as the cause of the problem. Its fundamental character, the type is not easy to trust other people. In effect, money is not productive. Because the victim of this type do not entrust their money to invest or save money in the bank, for example. Money will only be stored in a safe or even under a pillow, because they do not trust financial institutions.

3. Martyr
People on this type have a tendency to sacrifice for others. Nevertheless, after a sacrifice for others, they expect a reply. On the negative side, with the many sacrifices made for others, people often ignore this type of himself. In effect, this martyr type can never be saved. Others will rely heavily on the martyr is to borrow money. The danger again, this type do not dare or even lazy to collect receivables.

4. Fool
Of this type tend to have high spontaneity, and acting without thinking is more mature. They do not think about the future. What is there now, that's what. "Fool here is more to the ridiculous. Character lazy, expecting a quick or instant money," said Tom, call this type as the speculators who are not disciplined. In effect, these bold speculators in debt just for fun.

5. Tyran
People who have this type tend to be afraid of losing money. Typically, people in this type has properties that greedy and never satisfied. Often they work too hard without considering the other things around him. In fact, not infrequently, too, people did not pay attention to this type of health. In effect, this type always felt is never enough with their financial condition. Eventually tends to manipulate and too controlling.

6. Warrior
In contrast to the five types above, this type has a tendency to create ideas become reality. People with this type has properties that wise, has a clear target for the future, and also numerically in the calculation of income and expenditure. They also have the confidence and success in financial matters. This type is very healthy, said Tom. A clear orientation towards the goal of making it financially successful. This type usually found in successful entrepreneurs with financial discipline.

7. Magician
People who have this type tend to make the past as a lesson. They are also trying to transform an idea into reality, although looks are not possible. People with these types of properties tend to have idealistic, confident, and self-reliance. They believe that they can indeed do it. Type like this is expected, said Tom. He became master of his money and not be a slave to the money, let alone idolize money.

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