Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

How to Achieve Financial Independence

Financial terms may not be as popular as intelligent quotient quotient, emotional quotient, or even spiritual quotient. Financial quotient (Fin-Q) is the awareness of one's financial condition and ability to understand the importance of financial planning and implementing good financial governance.To measure the Fin-Q, Citigroup Asia Pacific online interviews with 100 respondents in Indonesia. Respondents used were aged 18 years and over, have a bank account or credit card.Some questions posed include whether you are satisfied with the quality of life? Have you already established in the face of financial condition in the future? Did you create a budget and stick with it every month? Are you saving each month?Citi Fin Q value for Indonesia indicate an average 51 out of 100 points, or are in the position of the low average. "51 percent have a good financial planning capabilities," said Citibank's Retail Bank Head Meliana Sutikno.Half of the respondents expressed satisfaction about the quality kehdiupannya, or 59 percent. While the remaining 41 percent are dissatisfied. Most also feel optimistic (78 percent) deal with future financial, and 23 percent worried about finances in the future.Indonesian people are generally not a problem with credit cards because 54 percent of Indonesia kredtinya card to pay the full bill on a regular basis. However, Indonesia does not have the discipline to save for only 47 percent had a habit of saving, while 45 percent tried to save money when possible.While only 29 percent comply with the monthly budget and 82 percent made new stage in trying to follow a budget. "In general, people Indonesa understand that saving is important, but do not have the discipline to set aside money and follow a budget plan," he said.From these results of Indonesia does not have the financial ability in retirement. Only 19 percent is quite sure of how much funding is needed at retirement, 41 percent did not know the needs in retirement funds, 23 percent have a formal retirement plan and 24 percent have not started any plans.Related to retirement, 52 percent believe it will take retirement savings into a comfortable life, while 49 percent were not sure at all about it. Ironically, if he loses a job, 1 in 5 people of Indonesia stated that the savings is only sufficient for four weeks. While the remaining 81 percent have savings for 11 weeks."In retirement there are parents who rely on their children so as to achieve the old days people were not able to achieve financial independence," he explained.Indonesa people still do not believe in insurance. This was indicated by 43 per cent had had unprotected insurance and 31 percent had no insurance at all. Indonesia is also still a few people who understand how to invest, because if given 6 months' salary to be invested only 39 percent actually know how the funds will be invested.To achieve financial independence, then it is advisable to do the things that determine the short-term financial goals and long-pajnang. Should also create a budget and saving on a regular basis in accordance with the budget plan.In support of every person should understand the investment products and financial services so as to allocate funds not only to save money, but also to invest their own funds in order to generate greater returns.You also have to do to protect themselves and their old-age family members.

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