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Financial Mindset Set-2

In previous articles we have discussed on our understanding of money, what to think when they have money and others. But the reality is that the financial administration alone is not enough to secure our money. There are still other things that is also important to consider in managing their finances tertuama savings problem. Consider two examples below;

Income - Consumption = Savings
Income - Savings = Consumption
Of the two models panggunaan money on which one you usually use? I used my own experience using the number 1. Could you, too? When I was sharing this question in another 97.3% chose the number 1 as well.
Let us analyze the above formulas one by one;
Income - Consumption = Savings
Well ... what does it mean if we choose this? This means that when there is money, the money is immediately posted and spent according to the list of needs that have been previously known. So if there is money left over then spending the money on the TUBE. Pertanyaaannya is there any you've ever had money left over each month for savings? The answer is not 99%. This means that most likely we will never have a SAVINGS. When the danger of not having financial problems SAVINGS heavier.
Let's look at a second point;
Income - Savings = Consumption
The ideal is actually a formula. Why? Because the formula 2 meilih means we will have savings in anticipation of tough times financially. If you have a fixed salary every month, each receives a salary then immediately remove 5-10% to the direct savings, the remainder was to be spent on needs. With this model the saving is a priority for us.
What problems do arise? Hehehe ....... well yes omongnya What if my income was 1.5 million and 1.5 million monthly needs how can I save? Can still be saved.
Examples like this:
When receive a salary to spend 5% for savings to be 1.5 million minus 1.45 million 75 thousand results, - Happens to come up short 75 thousand right? If we are looking for a shortcut then canceled to save money, but if we think positive can still save money. The trick is that we still have 30 days to cover the shortage. Is it within 30 days we could not find an additional 75 thousand? I think it can if we want.
My friends .... we humans sometimes like toothpaste filled with the contents therein. But the pasta was not able to go out alone but must be squeezed out of the new first. Well in some cases there are times when we humans are like that, must be squeezed out first before looking for additional income potential. But this is only the sharing of experience, not an exact science.
Hopefully it helpful ..... do not forget

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