Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Setting Financial Mindset

Yesterday we talked about the computer and today we discuss another topic that is all about managing personal finances
Personal financial problems are always busy and interesting to talk about. Why because that money is not everything but almost everything requires money. Very often we are experiencing financial difficulties especially with an unlimited number of needs. This problem is especially severe with the poor financial management capabilities. Why are our financial difficulties? There are many causes but which I will be sharing in this article only 2 only once;
We Mindset About Money.

Of the many causes of this financial difficulties there is a very powerful thing that is usually overlooked. Or in other words, our perception of the financial management is a misnomer. Let's see an example of this case;"If at this moment I give money Rp. 10.000, - will you do with the money? ". In recent times the sharing of "Financial Family Settings" at a Credit Union that we kelolah, when I ask this question then almost all the participants smiling "weird". There is an answer I will buy vegetables, I will give the child for pocket money, and some say will buy cigarettes.
And what is your answer? Could the answer is the same? The answers above are wrong mindset about financial management. Why? Because the answer to the above illustrates that we think is "how to spend money" and was not looking for additional money. So the fact that often occurs in people like this is "the more money in their pockets increasingly restless heart, let alone so that I will buy".
This mindset must be recognized and converted into a positive direction. This means that when the money Rp 10,000, - then the real lies within the fact that we have to think about is how that money was to be Rp.11.000, - or to be 12,000, - and so on. Does it have to be 100% run, I think it depends on our own but at least we have tried to develop new financial, although we started from the mindset about money.
Financial Administration.
Another common weakness is the lack of financial records, especially regarding the income and expenditure. Should? What if my income is small, is it necessary financial records? I then never "protested" about it."It's good for you talk like that, because you do not know how small my income, what's so ever need recording?" Once again this should be avoided such thoughts away. Why? Due to record revenue and expenditures are not necessarily our self-control in spending money especially when there are no financial records. Then what kind of recording?
No need to make accounting bookkeeping puciiiing head just enough notes in the widths of paper and made two columns. The first column is the income, spending the second column. Remember all the income and expenditure should be recorded. Well at the end of the month please observe the income column. Usually people who discipline record revenue will say this: "Wow this month is actually quite a lot of money coming in, but where all?" Now if the question arises means there positive signs that the person is aware that spending should be controlled.
It is not easy and I also gained when writing this article is often perforated pad, but at least we've been trying to get there. Good luck!

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