Sabtu, 09 November 2013

6 Tricks to Pay for Long Lasting

You've heard the term seven-point salary? However on 7's "coma", Of course, this is not because the salary the person is under the minimum wage, but because of lifestyle than the pole peg. Basis of the coma that you experience are actually the wrong financial management. Robert Pagliarini, MSFS, CFP, author of The Six-Day Financial Makeover and president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Inc., Offers a system to control your finances:

1. Create a spending report
The only way to check is to check the finances, where the departure of your money. Write down everything you spend for a week. Most people would not be surprised to see such a large expenditure rent, gasoline or insurance. That people are more shocked when he saw many small expenses such as movies, coffee with my friends or buy DVDs. Once accumulated, the amount so much too!

2. Apply envelope management
Some people go through methods that are often considered ancient. Each week, take some money from an ATM or a bank (according to your budget, or less than that), then for, for as needed. Spend money only from those funds during the week. You would not think how much you can save this way.

3. Defer expenses

There are several types of expenditures that can be postponed temporarily, for example, delaying a vacation or new car trade. By delaying these expenses, you will get extra money for more pressing needs.

4. Cancel
Cancel expenses you do not use. For example, you register a member of the gym, but never use your membership. Anyway, just being realistic, if sport is not a priority you, better use the money for another membership. The same thing can you apply for the extra costs of the additional channel pay TV that you never watch.

5. Reduce
Any expenses that you cancel the extra savings in your wallet, suppose you have a habit of eating with the family on Sunday afternoon, You can reduce this tradition to eat with only two weeks. Another way to eat together every week, but by choosing a restaurant that is not so expensive.

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